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What do we mean by Consumer Law?

Consumer Law refers to a wide range of federal and state laws designed to protect the rights of consumers. Consumer Law covers areas ranging from unfair and deceptive sales or lending practices to illegal collection actions, including illegal automobile repossessions. Some examples include the Fair Credit Reporting Act which governs the accuracy of individual Credit Reports, the Wisconsin Lemon Law for new automobiles and some aspects of Landlord/Tenant rights as well as other areas.

The Hanson Law Office defends individuals who have been victimized by illegal practices or actions and strives to hold those responsible for violations accountable.

Summary of Consumer Laws

Federal and state laws are designed to empower individual consumers and to help regulate the lending and collection industries. Truthful lending practices and legitimate, fair collection practices ensure honest dealings with consumers and promote sound economic and financial policies for all parties, Unfair, deceptive practices defeat honesty and fairness in financial transactions and defeat human dignity.

At the Hanson Law Office, Attorneys Rollie R. Hanson and Michael B. Plaisted make it a point to keep up with recent developments in the law and take great pride in their abilities and expertise in advancing the rights of individuals. We can help you navigate through the maze of legal issues that can arise in the area of Consumer Law. We both personally work with our clients' cases along with a professional staff of Secretaries and Legal Assistants and welcome calls from anyone with questions about their legal rights.